Twice in a Lifetime (2000)
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Young Julie Adams



Guest Star

Curveball S02E04

With his father Ben and mother Julie watching, Max Bogart is practicing his batting in preparation for the Little League World Series. Max is not having fun because of the pressure Ben is placing on him – Ben’s view is to win at all cost – and because of the arguments between Ben and Julie from this pressure. Ben is always telling his son of his winning hit during the big game when he was a child. Both Ben and Max are hit in the head by a baseball, Max the one who doesn’t make it. Max proclaims that he wished he’d never been born or that in another life he didn’t have to play baseball. Othniel decides Max has to make peace with his father. Max is sent back to 1976 when Ben himself was a Little Leaguer preparing for the World Series, Max the team bat boy. Max sees that his father is having as difficult a time with his own father as Max had with his dad. Ben’s father had the exact same win at all cost attitude, which drove his wife away. Max has to try and break the cycle of abuse within the Bogart family.