Christmas island (2023)
When a snowstorm diverts Kate’s first private flight en route to Switzerland to Christmas Island, she must team up with an air traffic controller to secure her dream job as the family’s pilot.
Rachle Skarsten, christmas movies, christmas, pilot
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Kate Gabriel (Rachel Skarsten), a talented commercial pilot, is excited for the opportunity to spend her holiday break flying the Sharpe family on a luxurious vacation to Switzerland and hopes this gig will turn into a full-time job as their private pilot.


During the flight, a snowstorm forces her to make an unexpected landing at a small airport in the Maritimes, Canada. Kate is hesitant to divert the plane; however, Oliver Macleod (Andrew Walker), the pragmatic Air Traffic Control Officer in charge of guiding them to safety, insists it’s the only option. Kate and the Sharpes are all taken in by host families in the nearby community of Christmas Island.