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Article from Tv junkies: Paul Roger Amos and Rachel Skarsten  are back with another round of HomeconOfficial. The 2nd edition will take place May 16-17, 2020 and includes panels featuring Orphan Black, Vikings. The 100, Heroes reunion and Wyonna Earp. After a very successful inaugural launch, HomeCon returns for its...

Guys, since most of us are home by our phones, I thought I’d take the lead of so many others and try to create spaces for community and learning! I was thinking about doing some Instagram lives with different friends - who know a lot...

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  It is a rare occurrence for the Staff and Readers to agree on the same winner for Performer of the Month. When it does happen it usually occurs for a performer who delivered a truly powerful performance. Rachel Skarsten is no exception to this, her performance in An Un-Birthday Present (1x11) helped make the episode one of the best episodes of this first season of CW's Batwoman.